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Judy Hirsch was born and grew up in Siberia, graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering, immigrated to Israel where she practiced civil and structural engineering. After marrying an American engineer in Jerusalem, she moved with him to the US. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Virginia and Nevada. She worked as a civil and structural engineer and raised her two boys in the US, Djibouti, Uganda and Morocco.


She has been drawing since childhood and has endeavored to combine her interests in engineering, teaching, drafting and art.  She has taken occasional art classes and workshops in Jerusalem, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Reno, Nevada. 


After retirement, in 2014-2016, attended classes at the Art Students League of New York:

·       Studied life drawing with Costa Vavagiakis, Gregg Kreutz

·       Studied painterly drawing with Shari Camhi

·       Studied plein air watercolor landscape painting with Frederick Wong

·       Studied large scale advanced watermedia painting with Paul Ching-Bor


She takes online art classes, reads books on history of art and on principles of design.




Drawing has always been my way of keeping a visual diary. I’m compelled to draw as some people are compelled to keep written diaries. Later I began study of watercolor painting. As I learned the names of various colors, the apparently green trees became a collage of colors from orange to red, to blue, to purple. Painting gave me a way to express appreciation for the fine coloring of our world. I enjoy painting for friends and family: portraits, landscapes, abstracts, animal portraits, etc.  My goal is to continue to study art and develop my technical abilities in order to refine the quality of my drawings and paintings.






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